Galeria Autorska (Author’s Gallery) belonging to Jan Kaja and Jacek Soliński was established on June 16, 1979 in Bydgoszcz. In the 80s it ranked among one of the few private galleries in Poland. Its first seat was situated at 98 Dworcowa  Street (till 1983), and its second, present seat, is located at 5 Chocimska Street.

Wojciech Nadratowski. „Galeria Autorska - ul. Dworcowa 98”

The Gallery has been founded by Jan Kaja (born in 1957) who is a painter and Jacek Soliński (born on 1957) who is a graphic artist. Its artistic endeavors can be characterized as noninstitutional, independent, open, continuously searching and evolving. Artistic activities undertaken by the Gallery oscillate between overlapping artistic fields such as fine arts, photography, conceptualism, poetry, literature and philosophy. Its present image has been created due to long-time experiences, with the main focus on the issuance of publications and organization of exhibitions related to figurative art imbued with metaphoric message, conceptual art, expressionism, metaphysical paintings, visual poetry, mail art, book art as well as art related to widely understood sacrum. During the initial period of its operations, the Gallery presented works of artists from its closest milieu. In the course of time the spectrum of presented artists have expanded. Within twenty five years of Gallery’s operations it has held 400 exhibitions, undertakings, displays, installations and meetings. One hundred and thirty authors have presented their works here including painters, graphic artists, sculptors, photographers, conceptualists, writers, poets, art critics, philosophers and actors.

Special attention should be paid to prints issued on special occasions that followed up every exposition and meeting. A Publishing House attached to the Gallery boasts over 100 publications (exhibition catalogues, unique books, critical texts, essays, books of poetry and prose, philosophical books and monographic albums). Documentation presenting activities of the Gallery and artistic works of its authors have been on exhibition in numerous centers all over Poland, for example in Lublin, Warsaw, Cracow, Gdańsk and Sopot.